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We Can Heat Up

without Magnetism

Non-magnetic cookware cannot be used at induction cooktop. If your current cookware is non-magnetic (such as heat-resistant glass, Ceramic, Copper, Aluminum materials), you can use with CANDUCT!  
It can be worked immediately, also you can cook everything! 

4-ply Structure

Special Radiation Coating

[CANDUCT] gives maximized heat efficiency &  product stability for induction cooking with its a strong structure of 4-ply.

Proper Space

for Efficient Heat Flow

[CANDUCT] Optimal space between induction base allows to increase radiation heat to cookware but also preventing over heating induction.

Request for CANDUCT information

If you have any questions on CANDUCT, please fill in and send the form below. After technical business team checks it, we will immediately provide a consultation for product application.

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