Eco-Friendly Pure Inorganic Ceramic Coating

전체 동영상

전체 동영상

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NEOSTONE ceramic coating

more efficient and economical


As an eco-friendly inorganic product, it is a healthy coating agent harmless to humans and the environment.

Durable Performance

Its heat- and wear-resisting properties maximize the performance of goods.

Simple Washing

With its capability of pollution resistance, it makes washing simple.

Various Colors

With NEOSTONE, various colors can be realized, giving out clear gloss and elegant light.

NEOSTONE is being utilized in a large number of

industrial environments.

Non-Stick ceramic coating for heating-cooking utensils

Ceramic coating for major

home appliances

Ceramic coating for 

industrial use

-Coating for frying pans

-Coating for bakewares

-Coating for rice pots / grills

-White goods appliances/heating appliances

-Consumer electronics/electronics-parts

-Micro-wave oven / electric(gas) oven 

  dish washer

-Panel coating in the subway

-Screen door coating in the subway

-Guardrail, traffic directions

-Coating for building panels

-Coating for machinery

Our direction of research and development

Improvement of durability of non-stick

1. Research on basic principle of non-stick

    - Research on principle examining both physical property and      

      chemical property

    - Comparing with slipping and stick property.

2. Research on Lotus effect and surfacetension of materials

3. Research on property of materials; research on nanomaterials and

    inorganic substances.

4. Research on mixing proportion between materials

5. Research on difference with PTFE which is known to be harmful to

    human body

6. Research on better per