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World-Renowned Ceramic Technology

With our exclusive technology

 we will be a first-class leader of

the ceramic coatingmarket in the world.


We will continue our healthy technology

for a happy life of next generations.

Samkwang Co., Ltd. has striven to develop healthy technology for the next generation. The eco-friendly inorganic ceramic coatings developed by Samkwang will contribute to healthy life of human beings.

Green Management

for Future

Management Focusing

on Human Power

Management of Mutual Benefit & Sharing


We have made efforts not only to develop first-rate ceramic coatings but to distribute them.


Ceramic Coating Solution

Samkwang's Ceramic Coating Solution secures a perfect performance through an exhaustive product-tailored system. 

Since Samkwang's Ceramic Coating Solution has a multi-dimensional support system that deals with everything from product consultation and prototype development to manufacture of finished goods, you will experience a future-oriented service of ceramic coating development.

  • Development of Tailored Ceramic Coating Agents

  • Service of Finished Goods Coating

  • Technical Support for Manufacturing Process

Development of

a Market-Leading Cookware Brand

With its specialized department, Samkwang has developed ceramic cookware brands of Korea based on ceramic coating techniques.  

On the slogan "Technology for Better Life," Samkwang has developed, supported and launched a variety of brands including heating utensils and other kitchen utensils. Not only has it manufactured products, but helped customers to launch a new brand by offering a one-stop branding solution covering from brand planning to distribution.

  • Development of Finished Cooking Utensils with Ceramic Coating

  • Development of Cookware Brands

  • Support of Brand Planning and Distribution


Established Year      2007

45-9 Noksansandan 261-ro 14beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan ,Korea 







If you have any questions , please fill in and send the form below. After technical business team checks it, we will immediately provide a consultation for product application.

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