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Enjoy superior rice taste by plentiful FIR & radiant heat

NEOSTONE vs PTFE Comparision of taste & digestion

Rice cooker inner-pot test

PCT test

Soy sauce boiling

Salt spray test

Rice Cooking test 

Using PCT chamber Pressure: 3~4Mpa,133℃ / 100h

Cross Cutting / 5% Soy sauce boiling 96 hrs.

35℃ 5% NaCl / Spray 480 hrs.

Rice 120g / Water 150g 

Non-stick resistance

Abrasion endurance

Heat resistance

Water boiling resistance

Request for Inner-pot Coating information

If you have any questions on Inner-pot Coating, please fill in and send the form below. After technical business team checks it, we will immediately provide a consultation for product application.

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