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We're waiting for global talents

who will make the future of Samkwang.

Samkwang’s Culture

A person of challenging spirit who is not afraid of failure

Samkwang is a corporate with a flexible communication culture.

A challenging spirit beyond limitations is the very value that leads the

culture of Samkwang.

A global corporate culture to take a wide view

over the market

The world market is the Samkwang's stage. It has striven to develop markets throughout the world by raising global business acumen of employees and focusing its resources on investment and education.

Fair Evaluation and Rewards

Samkwang is always making efforts to do fair evaluation for every employee and provide rewards accordingly. One of the elements that constitute the essence of a corporate is the people in it, namely the people of talent of Samkwang.

Areas of Employment

Brand Strategy Expert (Experienced) / Marketing Dept.

Overseas Sales (Experienced) / Sales Dept.

Domestic Technical Sales (Experienced) / Sales Dept.

Senior Researcher for Coatings Development / R&D Center

Distribution Management / Production Dept.

Inquiry on Employment

Enter the area you are applying for and fill in the form below.

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